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Take Control of Your Grow

Engineered and designed specifically for commercial indoor cannabis cultivation.

Adaptiiv Grow Technologies manufactures the three most critical components for indoor cannabis cultivation – Liquid Cooled LED Lighting, HVACD, and an IoT Control platform purpose built and designed by cannabis industry experts for cannabis cultivators and facility operators.

You can depend on, and trust Adaptiiv for the most efficient and integrated grow system to control and manage all of your environmental set-points. No other system offers the level of flexibility or customization to meet your current needs, future capacity, and scalability goals.

The Adaptiiv Advantage

Our flexible system is designed to meet any environmental operating parameters and set-points our clients require. Take complete control of your environment with our integrated system, facility controls and data driven analytics. When you work with Adaptiiv, you will have confidence knowing that you’re working with a single-source solutions provider for small/medium and large scale commercial facilities. We combine our deep domain around engineering and cultivation to guide you through the process, from facility design and load calculations, through system commissioning and start-up. We are not an equipment vendor; we are an end-to-end commercial solutions provider and partner.

Our Products

Our next generation of fully patented HVACD and Liquid Cooled LEDs

AGT1000W & AGT640W

Liquid Cooled LED Lights

Liquid cooled light loop removes up to 90% of the waste heat from the grow environment. Full-Spectrum & Intensity Control. Significant reduction in total cooling load (sensible load). 1500 PPFD @24”

Dehumidifying Air-Handlers (DAHU)

Tonnage Options: 30T / 45T/ Custom

Configurations: Vertical, Horizontal, RTU

Single unit combining Dehumidification, Cooling, and Supplemental Heating. Ability to recover and reclaim light waste heat from light loop.


Control System

SAAM (System Automation & Management) is a real-time Adaptiiv machine learning control platform (IoT) that uses a complex network of grow room sensors integrated with our patented and smart cultivation equipment to automatically target and maintain environmental set-points (VPD, RH, Temp, CO2 etc.).

Our Services

Facility Design & Engineering

Full facility MEP services for turnkey design, engineering, and submittal.

System Startup & Commissioning

AGT team is onsite for the system start-up and commissioning process on every project. We calibrate the entire system specific to our client’s specifications

Incentive Program

Our integrated efficient system is often time eligible for larger custom incentives from Utility providers. We work directly with your Utility provider to capture the highest amount possible (to date our captured incentives range from 20-50%).


AGT’s team’s deep domain around commercial cannabis and engineering allows us to assist our clients with everything from genetics selection, fertigation system selection, to analyzing below market production/yield output and retrofitting existing cultivation rooms.


“We are blown away by the lighting system you have developed and truly believe Adaptiiv has a chance to change the entire industry. We have never seen conditions so stable in any of our rooms. Many of our smaller yielders look like they are filling out in a way we never thought possible with these strains. Amazing!”

Benny Carrasco

CEO, Central Maine Flower

“I have been seeing plants finish up to 10 days sooner compared to my old lights. There is definitely an increase in overall quality and terpenes. The environment is very stable, and overall electric savings have been noticed.”
George Taylor

Head Cultivator, Gorilla House Farms

“We are very pleased with the performance of the GS system. The ability to adjust the light spectrum and intensity allows us to really dial in each room. The GS controls give us instant access to all the facility parameters, this information takes all the guesswork out of growing. We never thought a system could be this efficient, user-friendly, and stable. Thank you, Adaptiiv!”
Joseph Haimson

Owner, Sunny Dayz Cannabis